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Hae Jang Guk

Personal Spicy Pork Bone Soup
Cooked using the traditional secret technique of Jomaru. The soup tastes light and fragrant without feeling greasy. Only fresh, natural, and clean ingredients are used and it is cooked carefully for the best taste!


Boiled Potato and Pork Bone Soup in Hot Pot
The broth is made by boiling for long hours at Jomaru. Using potatoes, and selecting only the best bones to use, you will be sure to crave it! It is delicious by itself, you can also add flavors according to your taste!

Spicy Bean Sprout Bone Stew

Bean Sprout Steamed Pork Bone Stew
Rich in vitamins, hearty and tender bones, nutritional sprouts! It is delicious and an exquisite encounter! Our spicy sweet sauce will make your taste buds water.

Soy Braised Pork Bone Stew

Steamed Pork Bone with Soy Sauce
“Soy pork” steamed and flavored with sweet soy sauce. A taste anyone can comfortably enjoy. Great paired with our sweet and sour sauce!